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Reconnect. Empower. Heal.

Meet Ale Lasas

I am a modern medicine woman connected to the healing power of mother nature and the ancient knowledge of my ancestors and spiritual guides. I specialise in natural therapies based on energy healing, intuition, and spirituality, and am dedicated to support men and women to embody their own inner healing power through consciousness expansion, personal growth and powerful inner transformation and alchemy.  


I utilise and work with emotions stored in the physical body and read subtle energies in order to facilitate release and healing, returning clients to balance and health, and transforming the way they relate to themselves, others, and their environment, changing discomfort and pain into empowerment.  Clients often say I have a gentle, kind, wise and loving way about me which makes them feel understood, held and seen.

Alessandra has been the most incredible find.
Her attention and energy is always fully given to you at each appointment.
Ale’s intuition and furthermore insights are spot on. She is incredibly perceptive, everything she perceived was exactly how I was feeling. She is very caring, helpful and great listener.
Post the experience I felt more balance and in peace.
I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for more clarity, good health and well-being.

- Monica de Leo


Consciousness Expansion
Theta Healing
Therapeutic oracle card reading
Sacred Feminine Healing Circle

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