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About me

I am a modern medicine woman connected to the healing power of mother nature and the ancient knowledge of my ancestors and spiritual guides. I specialise in natural therapies based on energy healing, intuition, and spirituality, and am dedicated to support men and women to embody their own inner healing power through consciousness expansion, personal growth and powerful inner transformation and alchemy.  


I utilise and work with emotions stored in the physical body and read subtle energies in order to facilitate release and healing, returning clients to balance and health, and transforming the way they relate to themselves, others, and their environment, changing discomfort and pain into empowerment.  Clients often say I have a gentle, kind, wise and loving way about me which makes them feel understood, held and seen. 


My interest in transformational healing began over 20 years ago. Whilst working in a corporate environment I witnessed the universal day-to-day stress and challenges that myself and many of my colleagues faced.  I sought to rise above these challenges and searched for answers and true existential meaning, studying, learning, and experiencing as much as I could.  This naturally led me towards spiritual growth and a path to healing.

During this journey I had to enter my darkest inner realms, facing my deepest fears, anger, shame, and guilt, the ugly parts inside me, and move through the pain and suffering of my wounds, trauma, and conditioning that I previously had denied or was unaware of.


It wasn’t always easy going through this type of growth – as they say, spiritual evolution is messy!  I spent many moments in life questioning why I was here, what my purpose was, why I had to experience so much pain and sadness and was often wondering what my life really was all about.  My path ultimately led to me reclaiming the gifts of my innate power, my deep love and sacred wisdom, my unique voice, and my pure authentic self.  This also was my lightbulb moment - I realised that I could draw from my own experience and gifts to also help others, empowering them to heal and transform themselves. This became my purpose…


A passionate learner, I have studied many types of religious, natural, ancestral, and philosophical practices and am now immersed in quantum physics, neuroscience, and plant medicine. I have completed many courses, certifications, spiritual rituals, and initiations and attended seminars and workshops with renowned gurus around Brazil, the USA and Australia.  This inspired a deep transformation and empowered me with the knowledge, wisdom, and skills I use holistically with my clients.

I am on a mission to serve others, to transform lives and to encourage, inspire and reconnect people around the world to their purpose and uniqueness.  I love nothing more than seeing my clients rediscover who they truly are at their core, find their centre and return to living happily and in tune with their heart, mind and spirit and truly thrive.  My clients find my combination of healing modalities uniquely powerful, providing instant relief, transformation and change for the better.  I absolutely love working with people and watching their lives shift, transform and heal. 

Ale is an incredible healer and an amazing person! It’s really important to me to feel connected to my therapists which is not always a common occurrence. I’ve always felt connected to Ale’s energy.
I admire how knowledgeable Ale is and how passionate she is about her work. Also, Ale is a very generous person and always makes me feel welcome when I see her.
I highly recommend Ale as I have to many friends already

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