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Consciousness Expansion

A combination of energetic and spiritual practices that uses a meditative state and the practitioner’s intuition to access your consciousness and receive intuitive information about your energetic body, limiting beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks, and past traumas. During this session, I work through your physical body and its subtle energies and combine a range of modalities tailored to your personal needs and situation.  These modalities include Breathwork, Shamanic Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, Acupressure, NLP, Dynamic Meditation and Card Readings.



Working with the body’s subtle energy centres and lines, such as the meridians, aura & chakras.  Often the cause of disease or discomfort can be identified by the practitioner, and by clearing blocks in the energy field and repairing and rebalancing the energy flow, health and vitality are restored.


In addition to Reiki, the session also includes intuitive healing, crystal healing, chakra healing and a touch of aromatherapy.

Service Theta Healing.heif

Theta Healing

ThetaHealing® is a very powerful energy healing technique inducing a meditative state that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using Theta brain waves. With this technique, we can access and transform limiting beliefs and patterns that we may be carrying because of a number of reasons.


This technique can help us heal from physical, emotional, facto, and any types of past trauma.

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Therapeutic Oracle Cards

The session uses a range of divination tools that tap directly into the higher consciousness to provide guidance or answers. Oracle cards are powerful tools for personal growth, inspiration and improvement.

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Yoni Steam

An ancient shamanic technique that consists of vaginal steaming with specific herbs to assist in the cleansing and release of physical, emotional and energetic blockages. It is a treatment aimed at the physical and energetic purification of the body, cleansing not only unwanted bacteria and fungi but also emotional patterns and uterine memories that no longer serve us.


Yoni steaming is highly recommended for those who are dealing with menstrual imbalances, PMS, or menopause, for those who want to increase fertility, for post-abortion and post-partum relief and cleansing, and helping those with candidiasis, endometriosis, etc.

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Sacred Feminine

Healing Circle

Group Sessions

This is a group ceremony of self-love and care, we connect deeper to our wombs, honouring our sacred feminine essence, our ancestry, and opening up to receive the guidance that comes from the depths of our soul and ancient wisdom stored in our wombs. We connect to our intuition, opening up our voices and remembrance of our deep ancestral relations and wisdom.


The session includes Theta Healing, Yoni Steaming, medicine songs and herbal knowledge.

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As a holistic health practitioner, I support and encourage you to seek your own independent medical advice or treatment.  Please advise me during your visit of any health conditions, allergies, or injuries you suffer from, or medication or drugs you are currently, have been or are planning on taking. Any spiritual insights obtained through my sessions is guidance only. You understand that it is your responsibility to consider this guidance in the greater context of your life and make your own life decisions and not base them on any one form of guidance alone.

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